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Title :Problematizing Depictions of ELT and its Professionals in the Media
Authors :Crooks Anthony
Issue Date :1-Jan-2010
Description :2010http://hdl.handle.net/10623/31441English language teaching (ELT) has become a distinct area of education in its own right, establishing itself as a viable field of employment and career path, one which continues to attract attention and interest. Notwithstanding these developments, ELT and its practitioners are often depicted in the media in a somewhat unflattering and stereotypical manner. ELT is often represented as lower-rung teaching position inhabited by unqualified but well-intentioned native-speakers, who are often lost, misguided and forlorn. What has become clear through the growing literature on this topic (McMorrow, 2005) is the influence of such images can have on the general population, as well as the self-image and identity of teachers who may choose to enter this field. This paper shall present a variety of representations of those who have chosen a career in ELT in a number of media: print, movies, and television. It highlights the possible impact such media images
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10623/76650
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