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新潟県の環日本海政策 : その課題蛯名, 保彦; Ebina, YasuhikoMar-1995
国際化と新潟県地場産業蛯名, 保彦; Ebina, YasuhikoMar-1996
Co-xistence with East Asian economic development and international relations between Japan and AsiaEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-1997
The Development of Okinawa economy and the North East Asian Regional Cooperation-to promote a design of Free Trade Zone in Okinawa-Ebina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-1998
Economic and Social Development beyond Finance and Currency Crisis in East Asian CountriesEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-1999
The Environmental Development in the Japan Sea-rim Economic Zone and a role of Niigata prefectureEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2000
The Virtual Manufacturing and a design of North East Asian Information Network : The way how we can overcome the Digital Divide in North East Asian SMEs(Small&Medium-sized Enterprises) and get the Digital Opportunity for themEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2001
The marketing strategy of the Japanese textile industry and the new business model : Focussing on the knit industry in Niigata PrefectureEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2002
「構造改革」とは何か。小泉政権はそもそも政策の何たるかをよく理解していないのではないか。(<特集>小泉構造改革を採点する)蛯名, 保彦; Ebina, YasuhikoOct-2002
A proposal of Asian Green Manufacturing Network : For the formation of Asian Environmental & Economic ZoneEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2003
The East Asian Economic Zone and Japanese local economies : The significance of the East Asian FTA(Free Trade Agreement)for Japanese clustersEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2004
The North East Asian Business Economic Zone and a design of JKC(Japan・Korea・China)-FTAEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2005
Japanese economy in the age of Low Fertility and the significance of Asian Unification : A New Growth Scenario of Japanese economy and society under demographic and geographic changesEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2006
A design of the Asian common energy strategy : How can we solve a triple dilemma among economic growth, energy consumption and environmental safeguard in Asia?Ebina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2007
<論説>北東アジア地域統合と日中韓FTA構想の意義蛯名, 保彦; Ebina, YasuhikoAug-2007
新潟県の国際物流戦略 : 「日本海オーバーラップ型ランドブリッジ」構想蛯名, 保彦; Ebina, Yasuhiko2008
The monetary cooperation among the Won, the Yuan and the Yen as a player in the global governance in the financial world: focusing on balancer of the kite flying model in the Asia-Pacific regionEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2008
The Global Repercussions of Crises Triggered by U.S.Financial Crisis and the Role of Japanese Economy : A Proposal of the Structural Expansion of Domestic DemandEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2009
<明日への視覚>構造的内需拡大論の提唱蛯名, 保彦; Ebina, YasuhikoMar-2009
アジアにおける重層的経済圏と「広域地方経済圏」の意義 : 「広域連携型関越クラスター」構想を中心にして(<特集>未来志向の産業を)蛯名, 保彦; Ebina, YasuhikoJun-2009
New economic order in the age of the post crisesand Japanese economy : The emerging market in the Asia and Japanese local industriesEbina, Yasuhiko; 蛯名, 保彦Mar-2010
<研究論文>A change in the appearance in Japanese industry & regional structure after the great earthquake disaster in East Japan and a direction of international division of labourEbina, YasuhikoMar-2012

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