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Spatial Characteristics of the Manufacturing Industry and their Policy Implications for the Industrial Development in Indonesia秋田, 隆裕; Akita, TakahiroJul-1986
インドネシアの産業構造と経済成長要因の分析 1971-1985秋田, 隆裕; Akita, TakahiroMar-1990
Decomposing Regional Income Inequality using Two-Stage Nested Theil Decomposition MethodAkita, Takahiro; 秋田, 隆裕Jun-2000
An Extended Growth-Factor Decomposition Analysis based on Three-Region Interregional I-O Tables : The Case of Kyushu RegionAkita, Takahiro; Kataoka, Mitsuhiko; 秋田, 隆裕Jun-2000
The Sources of Industrial Growth in Indonesia, 1985-1995 : An Input-Output AnalysisAkita, Takahiro; Agus, Hermawan; 秋田, 隆裕Jun-2000
Regional Income Inequality in China : A Two-Stage Nested Inequality Decomposition AnalysisAkita, Takahiro; 秋田, 隆裕Oct-2001
The Economic Crisis and Regional Income Inequality in IndonesiaAkita, Takahiro; Alisjahbana, Armida S.; 秋田, 隆裕Oct-2001
Income Inequality in IndonesiaAkita, Takahiro; 秋田, 隆裕Apr-2002
Sectoral Decomposition of Regional Income Inequality in Indonesia : A Comparison with Postwar JapanAkita, Takahiro; 秋田, 隆裕Apr-2004
Geographic Concentration of Manufacturing Industries in Japan : Testing Hypotheses of New Economic GeographyAkita, Takahiro; Miyata, Sachiko; 秋田, 隆裕Jan-2006
Urban and Rural Dimensions of Income Inequality in VietnamCao, Thi Cam Van; Akita, Takahiro; 秋田, 隆裕Apr-2008
Structural Changes and Regional Income Inequality in Indonesia : A Bi-dimensional Decomposition AnalysisAkita, Takahiro; Puji, Agus Kurniawan; Miyata, Sachiko; 秋田, 隆裕Aug-2009
Spatial Dimensions of Income Inequality and Poverty in Bangladesh : An Analysis of the 2005 Household Income and Expenditure Survey DataZaman, Kazi Arif Uz; Akita, Takahiro; 秋田, 隆裕Oct-2011
Spatial Dimensions of Expenditure Inequality and the Role of Education in Indonesia : An Analysis of the 2008-2010 Susenas PanelHayashi, Mitsuhiro; Kataoka, Mitsuhiko; Akita, Takahiro; 秋田, 隆裕Nov-2012
Chronic and Transient Poverty in Indonesia : A Spatial Perspective with the 2008-2010 Susenas Panel DataAkita, Takahiro; Dariwardani, Ni Made Inna; 秋田, 隆裕Sep-2013
Urbanization and Expenditure Inequality in Indonesia : Testing the Kuznets Hypothesis with Provincial Panel DataSagala, Perdamen; Akita, Takahiro; Yusuf, Arief Anshori; 秋田, 隆裕Sep-2013
Structural Changes and Interregional Income Inequality in the Philippines, 1975-2009Akita, Takahiro; Pagulayan, Mark Saliganan; 秋田, 隆裕Sep-2013
Educational Expansion and Inequality in Indonesia : Testing the Kuznets Hypothesis with Provincial Panel DataAkita, Takahiro; Heryanah; 秋田, 隆裕Sep-2013
The Roles of Location and Education in the Distribution of Economic Well-being in Indonesia : Hierarchical and Non-hierarchical Inequality Decomposition AnalysesAkita, Takahiro; Miyata, Sachiko; 秋田, 隆裕; 宮田, 幸子Sep-2013
Education and Expenditure Inequality in Bhutan: An Analysis based on 2007 and 2012 Household Survey DataLethro, Dorji; Akita, TakahiroOct-2016

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