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TitleAuthors Issue Date
Experimental Validation of Conifer and Broad-Leaf Tree Classification Using High Resolution PolSAR Data above X-BandYamaguchi, Yoshio; Minetani, Yuto; Umemura, Maito; Yamada, HiroyoshiJul-2019
Experimental study on polarimetric-HoloSARShimoda, Hiroki; Yamaguchi, Yoshio; Yamada, HiroyoshiApr-2019
Sox Genes Show Spatiotemporal Expression during Murine Tongue and Eyelid DevelopmentIshikawa, Ryuichi; 石川, 隆一25-Mar-2019
Pneumococcal DNA-binding proteins released through autolysis induce the production of proinflammatory cytokines via toll-like receptor 4Nagai, Kosuke; 永井, 康介25-Mar-2019
光学式モーションキャプチャ・システムによる歯牙切削動作の定量的解析佐藤, 拓実25-Mar-2019
Effects of Silanization Conditions on Flexural Properties of Sic Fiber-Reinforced ResinTaka, Norimasa; 髙, 昇将25-Mar-2019
Relationships between changes of posterior occlusal support status and risk for protein-energy malnutrition among the Japanese community-dwelling elderlyNonomura, Ayako; 野々村, 絢子25-Mar-2019
口腔乾燥感をもたらす要因の性別および年齢別検討安田, 昌代25-Mar-2019
Indirect regulation of PCSK9 gene in inflammatory response by Porphyromonas gingivalis infectionTakeuchi, Mai; 竹内, 麻衣25-Mar-2019
A bacterial metabolite ameliorates periodontal pathogen-induced gingival epithelial barrier disruption via GPR40 signalingHara, Miki; 原, 実生25-Mar-2019
都市部一般住民における継続的な歯科定期受診と咀嚼能率の関係 : 吹田研究藤井, 克則25-Mar-2019
術前顎矯正治療を行った片側性唇顎口蓋裂患者の外鼻形態の変化市川, 佳弥25-Mar-2019
有限要素解析を用いた顎偏位を伴う骨格性下顎前突症の顎骨内応力解析藤田, 瑛25-Mar-2019
Glucose Transporter-2 and 4 Are Involved in Glucose Supply During Pulpal Wound Healing Following Pulpotomy with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in Rat MolarsTohma, Aiko; 遠間, 愛子25-Mar-2019
部分床義歯装着による咀嚼能力の変化に影響する因子の探索菊地, さつき25-Mar-2019
Inhibitory effects of fluoxetine, an antidepressant drug, on masseter muscle nociception at the trigeminal subnucleus caudalis and upper cervical spinal cord regions in a rat model of psychophysical stressNakatani, Yosuke; 中谷, 暢佑25-Mar-2019
The effect of tongue thrusting on tongue pressure production during swallowing in adult anterior open bite casesKurihara, Kanako; 栗原, 加奈子25-Mar-2019
Estimation of Pharyngeal Residue after Swallowing by Retronasal AromaJumpei, Okawa; 大川, 純平25-Mar-2019
MAEA rs6815464 polymorphism and periodontitis in postmenopausal Japanese females : a cross-sectional studyChe, Yulan; 車, 玉蘭25-Mar-2019
Immunohistochemical and gene expression analyses of Glut1 and Runx2 in reparative dentin formation during dental pulp wound healingTakeuchi, Ryosuke; 竹内, 亮祐25-Mar-2019
Measurement of hyoid muscle activity and hyoid-laryngeal position during tongue lift movementSunada, Yukako; 砂田, 悠香子25-Mar-2019