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Title :中国と日本の古代絵画の太湖石
Title alternative :Taihu Stone in the old Chinese and Japanese paintings
Authors :飛田, 範夫
Publisher :長岡造形大学
Issue Date :Apr-2012
Journal Title :長岡造形大学研究紀要
Volume :9
Start Page :69
End Page :76
ISSN :1349-9033
Abstract :As Taihu stones(deformed limestones)were considered one of the symbols of China, so those were painted in Japanese paintings. Classifying by the way of placing the Taihu stones in old Japanese paintings, we can find the way to use the Taihu stones in Chinese garden as following. 1)Shinu -tu(仕女図) painted in the Tang-dynasty, 8th Century, shows they placed small stones in a garden, but we can see that the Taihu stones took place of the small stones from Japanese painting Torige-ritsujo-no-byobu(鳥毛立女屏風). I assume that they use bigger Taihu stones in their garden to enjoy watching from Qixian-tu(七賢図) painted in Chinese Tang-dynasty, 9th Century. 2)In the Bada-chunyun-tu(八達春遊図) painted in 10th Century, they place one huge Taihu stone in their garden. From the Japanese painting E-inga-kyo(絵因果経) in 8th Century, I guess they put a Taihu stone, which is as tall as a human, in the main place of the garden. 3)In Longchi-jingdu-tu(龍池競渡図) painted in the Yuan–dynasty, 14th Century, we can see big Taihu stones both left and right side of the palace. But it was imaged from the old palace of old paintings. From the Japanese paintings Kegon-shuso-eden(華厳宗祖師絵伝) and Toseiden-emaki(東征伝絵巻) painted in the 13th Century, we can see they placed a Taihu stone in front of the palace in Song Dynasty(960-279). I assume that they placed Taifu stones in their garden first and then they started to place the Taihu stones in front of their palace. 4)From Qianlongdi-ji-fei-guzhuang-xiang(乾隆帝及妃古装像) painted in Qing Dynasty,18th Century, we can see that they put Taihu stones in a pond of their garden. Sancai-tangwu(三彩堂屋), a miniature made in 8th Century, shows that they built a pond at the front of the building and placed big stones at the front of the mountain. In Genjo-sanzo-e(玄奘三蔵絵) painted in 13th Century in Japan, there is a big Taihu stone beside the pond built next to Xuanzang's father's house. It means it stared form Song - Dynasty to place the Taihu stones beside a pond.
Keywords :太湖石
Taihu stone
Type Local :Departmental Bulletin Paper
Language :jpn
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10623/36841
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