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Title :Phase-Control Design for Idle Shake on an FWD Car
Authors :Kadomatsu, Koji
Publisher :社団法人自動車技術会
Issue Date :Oct-2006
Journal Title :FISITA
Volume :2006
Start Page :1
End Page :8
Abstract :This paper discusses a theoretical phase-control design strategy for idle shake affected by an arrangement of a powerplant on transversely mounted Front engine Front Wheel Drive (FWD) passenger cars. There are two types of powerplant arrangement for FWD cars heading up to the North in the top view. One of them is a typical “east-west arrangement” which allows the “front” of the engine to be placed to the right or “east”, and the “rear” of the engine that is to mate to the transmission to be placed to the left or “west” (Fig.1). Another one is “west-east arrangement”, where the engine is positioned to “west”, and the transmission is positioned to “east” (FIG.2). In general, a dynamic damper like a radiator supported by a rubber bush built in the front end of the engine compartment is widely believed to reduce a gain of FRF (Frequency Response Function) at resonant frequency. In addition to that, it becomes clear in this paper that the dynamic damper has an additional phase-shift effect between the two FRFs. That is to say, the two vector responses of the body vibration caused by the two excitation forces, which are the roll moment and the vertical force of the engine, cancel each other and the resultant vector becomes so small. In this manner, the powerplant arrangement affects idle shake deeply correlating with the phase-control design. A combination of the East-West arrangement and a 2nd order balancer-less engine is the best design for idle shake of the 2nd order harmonics. On the contrary, a combination of the West-East arrangement and a balancer-less engine is the worst design. If the engine is equipped with 2nd order balance shafts, idle shake is estimated to be middle between them, regardless of the powerplat arrangement.
Keywords :idle shake
dynamic damper
Type Local :Conference Paper
Language :eng
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10623/29497
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