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Title :ヒト唾液ペプチドの抗菌機能を活用したヘルスケア製品の開発
Title alternative :A Study on Application of Human Salivary Peptides with Antimicrobial Activities to Healthcare Products
Authors :大滝, 俊樹
高橋, 信輝
武井, 教展
谷口 ,正之
斎藤, 英一
Publisher :新潟工科大学
Issue Date :Dec-2010
Journal Title :新潟工科大学研究紀要
Volume :15
Start Page :9
End Page :14
ISSN :1342-792X
Abstract :Human salivary histidine-rich polypeptides, histatin 1 (38 ammo acids) and histatin 3 (32 aa) are major antimicrobial peptides harboring potent fungicidal activity against Candida albicans. This study was undertaken to examine the activity of four short peptide fragments, histatins 5 (24 aa), 8 (12 aa), 9 (14 aa), and 11 (8 aa), derived from histatin 3 against Porphyromonas gingivalis (penodontal bacteria). By determining the concentration of ATP synthesized by microorganism, histatins 5, 8, 9, and 11 were found to inhibit the growth of P. gingivalis with 50 % inhibitory concentrations (IC_50s) of 33.4, >800, 9.7, and 294.1 μM, respectively. Cytoplasmic membrane depolarization of P. gingivalis by the peptides was elucidated using the membrane-potential-sensitive dye, diSC_3-5. All of the fragments of histatin 3 caused membrane depolarization of 10.4 - 43.9 % at 33.4μM in a good's buffer (5 mM HEPES, pH 7.2, 50 mM glucose) and of 3.5 - 25 % in physiological condition (4 mM NaH_2PO_4/Na_2HP0_4, pH 7.0, 30mM NaCl), respectively. Taken together, it can be concluded that even shorter peptide fragments derived from human histatin 3, show potent antibactencidal activity against P. gingivalis. Thereby, antimicrobial peptides reported here appear to be excellent candidates for oral healthcare products.
Keywords :human saliva
histatin 3
short proteolytic peptides
Porphyromonas gingivalis
antimicrobial peptide
membrane depolarization
Type Local :Departmental Bulletin Paper
Language :jpn
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10623/25643
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