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Title :「人種」の扉を開いた奴隷女セストニ・モリスンの『ビラヴド』に見るレーシズム
Title alternative :The Slave Girl, Sethe, Who Opened the Door of Race : Racism in Toni Morrison's Beloved
Authors :半藤, 正夫
Publisher :新潟工科大学
Issue Date :Dec-2007
Journal Title :新潟工科大学研究紀要
Volume :12
Start Page :61
End Page :70
ISSN :1342-792X
Abstract :Sethe, a pregnant and runaway slave woman, was helped in the deep forest by a white woman. Her name was Amy Denver, and she was also an escaping indentured maid. Amy acts as a midwife in a birth and gives her name to the baby born. Amy rubs Sether's feet and wraps Sethe's baby in her undergarment Although Amy's care for Sethe, taking care of Sethe's body, reverses the paradigm of women's interracial relationships, she did so not out of obligation or guilt but out of a sense of shared circumstance and suffering. Why did they collaborate in a tragic situation? Because they were bounded by their gender, their poverty, and their hard life experiences. She repeatedly states that she cannot risk being caught with a runaway salve, but instead leads Sethe to a shack and bandages the wound on her back as best she can. Actually they shared a privileged moment of connection in the forest: privileged because they were allowed to have a space separated from any social framework. Sethe and Amy could at least talk for a few brief hours, from late in the afternoon to the next early morning Morrison's philosophy regarding race and racism may be well expressed in the novel of Beloved, she says, Race is the least important piece of information we have about another person. Forcing people to react racially to another person is to miss the whole point of humanity. (Timehost Chat) Sethe certainly tried to open the door of race to establish a meaningful interracial relationship between a white and a black woman.
Keywords :race
Type Local :Departmental Bulletin Paper
Language :jpn
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10623/20245
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