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Title :日本人青年女性における体型の自己評価と理想像 : アジア人及び欧米人青年女性との比較
Title alternative :The self-estimation and ideal figure of the body of Japanese adolescent women : A comparison of adolescent Asian and European women
Authors :藤瀬, 武彦
Publisher :新潟国際情報大学情報文化学部
Issue Date :Mar-2001
Journal Title :新潟国際情報大学情報文化学部紀要
Volume :4
Start Page :105
End Page :122
ISSN :1343-490X
Abstract :This study carried out a questionnaire about the body image that examined three areas of inquiry : Language (quite slim, slightly slim, average, slightly fat, quite fat), Numerical value (body weight), and Photographed model (five groups : BMI 17,19,21,23,25). The purpose was discover and clarify the self-estimation and ideal figure of one's body in a sample of adolescent Japanese women, and to compare these findings with those of a sample group of Asian and European women of adolescent age. The subjects were chosen from the following sources : Fifty-four N university students (Japanese group : BMI 20.8±1.9), Twelve Asian exchange students (Asian group : BMI 20.7±1.4), and Ten European exchange students (European group : BMI 24.4 ± 3.3). The proportion of those who considered themselves as fat were as follows Japanese group at 74.1%, Asian group at 58.3%, and European group at 70.0%. On the converse side, the proportion of subjects considering ideal figure as slim were as follows : Japanese at 92.6%, Asian at 83.3%, and European at 40.0% (x^2=15.943,p<0.01). From BMI analysis, which calculates ideal body weight with the subjects' actual standing height, it was discovered that the Japanese group measured at 18.6±1.3,the Asian group at 19.2±1.3,and the European group at a significantly higher level of 21.5±1.3. A comparison of the BMI of selected model with each group's physical self-perception were as follows : the Japanese group at 21.9±2.0,the Asian group at 20.0±1.9,and the European group at 22.2±2.0. It was found that the value of the Japanese group was considerably higher when compared with the Asian group, although there was no significant difference between the Japanese and European groups. Using the BMI of model as the ideal figure, the Japanese group came to 18.2±1.1,the Asian group at 17.9±0.9,and the European group at 19.9±1.5. In this examination, it was found that the value of the Japanese group was significantly lower than that of the European group. Based on these findings, it was concluded that Japanese adolescent women considered themselves far fatter than they actually were, and expressed a wish to become slimmer despite already being slimmer.
Keywords :adolescent women
ideal figure
Type Local :Departmental Bulletin Paper
Language :jpn
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10623/18636
Relation :http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110000954081
Rights :本文データは学協会の許諾に基づきCiNiiから複製したものである
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