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Title :高速液体クロマトグラフィーを用いた緑色植物のリポフィリシティ
Authors :新井田, 聖次
柴田, 勝
Publisher :長岡工業高等専門学校
Issue Date :Mar-2008
Journal Title :長岡工業高等専門学校研究紀要
Volume :44
Issue :1
Start Page :71
End Page :77
ISSN :0027-7568
Abstract :A quantitative measurement has been developed characterizing the hydrogenation of side chain of 10 chlorophylls, 6 isoprenols and 4 quinone on the basis of their reversed-phase liquid chromatographic retention data, eluting with methanol-water solvent system from the hydrocarbon chemically bonded reversed phase using a HPLC. A linear relationship was observed between the logarithm of k', log k', and the logarithm of the molarity of the organic moiety, log[C], in the mobile phase. This line was consist with the equation, logk'=-αlog[C]+logk'i, derivated from partion efficient and equibrium constant. The α value was recognized as the number of the released solvent molecules after the formation of the bristle-solvent-solute complex when the solvated solute molecules were adsorbed on the solvated bristles of the bonded materials ,The log k'i was obtained from the calculation of extrapolated log k' values at 0% methanol in the mobile phase for the compounds. The relationship between number of double bonds in side chain and logk'i of substrates with same hydrophilic group were found . The plots fro logk' vs α value shows line relationship, when cross point for line obtained from plot of log[C] vs. log k' of chlorophylls and other is only one. The logki is related with logk'w which is indicator of lipophilicity. The logk'i value increased in the order of Chl b, CM b', Chl a and Chla', for difference in porphylinering of chlorophyll among chlorophyll a and b and those epimer, The order was Chl-GG < Chl-DHGG < Chl-THGG < Chl-P; GG < DHGG < THGG < P for difference alcohols, alpha-tocopherol < ganmma-tocopherol, menaquinone <phylloquinone for quinones. The log k' value increased with decreasing of hydrogenation of side chain. A slope of line obtained from plot of logk'w vs. α value indicate β value which is factor of structure similarity. We discussed that effect of hydrogenation of chlorophyll side chain on lipophilicity of chlorophyll.
Keywords :HPLC
capacity facter
Type Local :Departmental Bulletin Paper
Language :jpn
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10623/13003
Rights :本文データは国立情報学研究所により電子化されたものである
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